Xirrus High Performance Wi-Fi

Coming out of Thousand Oaks, Ca, Xirrus is the a high performance Wi-Fi company that prides themselves on delivering the best in Wi-Fi. Xirrus’ innovation of the Wi-Fi Array (the picture above) is the answer to high performance Wi-Fi technology. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array incorporates 4,8, or 16 radios and high-gain directional antennas into ONE device. It also includes an onboard Gigabit Switch, Wi-Fi Controller, Wi-Fi Stateful Firewall and dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor. Think of the Array as your one stop shop for Wi-Fi. EVERYTHING is encompassed inside of the Array.

Because of their state-of-the-art technology, the Array provides more coverage, bandwidth, throughput, encryption, intelligence, and support for more users per cable drop. This in turn leads to fewer devices, fewer cables, less installation time..which thus leads to LESS MONEY SPENT! Who doesn’t need to save money in an economy like this!?

This blog will be solely dedicated to Xirrus. All about Xirrus news! To learn more about them or to follow them closely, please visit them at www.xirrus.com


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