Xirrus Fills the Need for Speed

I just came across this article that was written about Occam Networks, Inphi, and Xirrus.

Although it didn’t mention a whole lot about Xirrus, it did get some key points and stated the obvious. It is true, that I feel Xirrus has a superior product compared to their competitors, but why aren’t those customers switching over? It’s because of politics, staying loyal, and the fear of the unknown. Face it, people who aren’t great at accepting change will have a hard time switching to a superior product. Boy are they missing out!

I understand that right now the economy isn’t doing so great, however companies would be saving if they switched to Xirrus. Like John Merrill said, “They would be getting more for less.” Who doesn’t like those buy one get one free deals?

To read the whole article, proceed to this link:




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3 responses to “Xirrus Fills the Need for Speed

  1. Steven Tran

    Read the article! I do agree that everyone who is worried about the state of the economy, can definitely benefit by switching over. More at your fingertips for substantially less amount of cash

  2. Joshua Benevidez

    Does anyone know where I can view their products and how the products are compared to other companies’ access points?

  3. Steven Tran

    Joshua, you can browse through their website at http://www.xirrus.com

    I found out substantial information about them and even got to see the comparison…it’s truly amazing!

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