Hospitals may want to upgrade their Wi-Fi

Article posted by Dana Blankehorn

One thing few know is that hospitals have, over the last decade, gotten more out of WiFi than even coffee shop owners.

WiFi ties communication to people, not desks. It links both voice and data. It has enormous bandwidth.

Or it seems to have enormous bandwidth until, as always happens, everyone starts loading that bandwidth with new applications.

But the available bandwidth can be greatly expanded just by changing out your access points. Maybe to something with 802.11n?

Xirrus has been pushing its 802.11n as a replacement for desktop Ethernet or as a high-performance alternative in new builds. (This Xirrus access point includes a switch. That’s why it looks like a Frisbee.)

But now it is also going into retrofitting, as in this Swedish school where it claims to have extended throughput by a factor of 14 times.

But as hospitals’ use of WiFi grows, pressure will also grow to expand wireless bandwidth. That’s good news for WiFi suppliers and all those who want more unlicensed spectrum.

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3 responses to “Hospitals may want to upgrade their Wi-Fi

  1. Agnes Lupitz

    It is amazing how crucial Wi-Fi is starting to play in today’s word. Hopefully it will continue to better the future

  2. Jennifer Aguilar

    Being an employee at a newly renovated hospital, we use Xirrus for our Wi-Fi. We haven’t had a complaint and this is tons better to what we had before! Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    How reliable and secure is Xirrus for Wi-Fi? Has anyone had any problems as of yet, such as not getting connection?

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