The Palace Hotel Deploys World Class Wi-Fi Network for Guests

“Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry, announced today that the prestigious Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California has deployed Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays covering their 23 meeting rooms – including 3 ballrooms, 4 boardrooms, and the famous Garden Court.

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays were deployed because they are capable of covering the large areas, support the extensive client population, and accommodate the high bandwidth applications used by the hotel’s elite clientele.

“The Palace Hotel is a unique luxury property offering exceptional services for our guests,” said Jonathan Wright, Director of Information Technology at the Palace Hotel. “Delivering a world-class Wi-Fi network across our 53,000 square foot meeting space is a critical component to those services, which is why we chose to deploy Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays. Xirrus planned for the success of Wi-Fi by building an easy-to-deploy high performance system that pushes the power and intelligence to the edge of the network, where it belongs.”

“As a result of the upgrade to Xirrus, we are able to provide all of our guests with reliable, high speed wireless connectivity for all their Wi-Fi enabled devices,” added Jonathan. “In addition to the increase in Wi-Fi performance, Xirrus also helped us realize an increase in network savings by deploying fewer devices, cable pulls, and switch ports. Anyone deploying Wi-Fi or having difficulty with their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure must take a serious look at Xirrus.”

“Traditional access points can handle infrequent Wi-Fi connections, which worked when hotels and conference centers only saw half the guests connecting via Wi-Fi,” said Jon Freeman, Area Vice President at Xirrus. “However, today we are seeing two Wi-Fi devices per guest thanks to Wi-Fi being installed into Apple® iPhone® and RIM® Blackberry® devices. Traditional access points cannot deliver the large amounts of bandwidth to service these guests, which is why so many organizations are turning to Xirrus. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array integrates up to 24-radios into a single device, allowing IT staff to deploy far more radios delivering far more bandwidth for far more users with far fewer devices.”

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  1. That’s a mo-bedreaklr. Great thinking!

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