Ali Rawda Rotana Hotel Guests Easily Get Connected with Xirrus Wi-Fi

The Al Rawda Rotana Suites, a renowned 4-star hotel & residence in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offers all the traditional Arabic hospitality only associated with Rotana Hotels. With exquisite accommodations in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Al Rawda Rotana Suites serves a combination of business and vacation clientele.


  • Provide sufficient coverage and bandwidth throughout the premises
  • Ability to penetrate thick concrete walls and sound-proof doors
  • Minimum amount of hardware and cabling
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • High-speed Internet for all guests with easy connectivity
  • Support large number of simultaneously connected users


  • Predictive detailed design created especially for the hotel from the architectural plans
  • Integration with existing network
  • Management of entire network from one central location
  • Integration with billing system so customers can be billed for wireless use
  • Comprehensive training of IT staff
  • Support and expertise of eLinear and Xirrus Account Team
  • 75% fewer devices, cabling, switch ports and installation time
  • Significantly increased bandwidth and throughput while using less energy
  • Aesthetically pleasing and non-invasive hardware

For more information or more deployments, please go to Xirrus.


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One response to “Ali Rawda Rotana Hotel Guests Easily Get Connected with Xirrus Wi-Fi

  1. Anonymous

    Amazing turn out and saving for the deployment of Xirrus!

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