Xirrus Delivers More Bandwidth

Bandwidth becomes increasingly more important as the success of Wi-Fi grows – as the number of Wi-Fi users and applications grow, so does the need for more radios across more channels. The problem is that legacy Wi-Fi architectures, such as the thin access point + centralized closet controller, did not plan for the success of Wi-Fi – they backhaul all data to a central point before re-distributing back out, creating unsecure bottleneck and decreasing the overall performance of the network.

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array is the most powerful Wi-Fi device in the industry, giving you…

  • 4, 8, 12, 16 and soon 24 802.11abg+n radios
  • Wi-Fi controller and multi-Gigabit switch
  • Full line-rate encryption engine for all users
  • Directional antenna system for large coverage area
  • Modular, upgradeable architecture

Combining these functions with intelligence at the network entry point results in greater performance, control, and flexibility per cable drop than any other Wi-Fi product – all this while using 75% fewer devices, cables, switch ports, energy, and installation time compared with any other offering.

Any organization moving towards Wi-Fi as their primary network connection needs to examine the performance capabilities of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array.

Must I say more!?

For more information on Xirrus, proceed here

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