Xirrus Wi-Fi Tools

There are several tools that exist to help IT administrators with their networks. We have assembled several cool Wi-Fi tools we found to be of great value in planning, deploying, and managing Wi-Fi networks. Check them out:

Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadgets, Widgets, and Desklets

Xirrus has created a collection of easy-to-use tools to help you more effectively use and manage your Wi-Fi networks. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor allows you to monitor your surrounding Wi-Fi environment and status of your Wi-Fi connection in real time – all directly from your desktop.

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor is useful for both IT managers and end users, and is available as a Gadget for Windows Vista, a Yahoo! Widget for Windows XP and MacOS, and a Desklet for Linux. A radar-like display graphically displays available Wi-Fi networks and their range. Detailed information is available about surrounding Wi-Fi networks. A Glossary section helps you make sense of all the Wi-Fi terms. Nine different color skins are available to customize the Wi-Fi Monitor’s look for your desktop.

Applications for the Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor include:

  • Searching for Wi-Fi networks
  • Verifying Wi-Fi coverage
  • Locating Wi-Fi devices
  • Displaying laptop Wi-Fi settings
  • Detecting rogue APs
  • Aiming Wi-Fi antennas
  • Education on Wi-Fi

You can download the tools for FREE here.

Definitely take advantage because who doesn’t like free stuff?


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One response to “Xirrus Wi-Fi Tools

  1. Roger Agliam

    I’ve actually been using this monitor for quite some time. It’s proven to be efficient and useful

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