Russian University Increases E-Learning with Xirrus Wi-Fi

Tambov State University Deploys Xirrus® Wi-Fi Arrays™ Across 10 Auditoriums and Dormitories


Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry, announces the deployment of their 802.11abg Wi-Fi Arrays at Tambov State University (TSU) located in the Central Chernozyom Region of Russia. TSU installed the Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays to deliver high performance, high capacity wireless connectivity to their students and professors for accessing internal file servers for e-learning and Internet access.

TSU is the second largest university in the Central Chernozyom Region of Russia with over 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students spread across 30 research centers and laboratories.

“With thousands of users spread across our campus and many hundreds congregating in large auditoriums, we needed a better way at connecting students to our internal servers—traditional access points failed to deliver the needed bandwidth and throughput,” said Sergey Yuchachev, Head of Technology faculty at TSU. “Xirrus’ Wi-Fi Arrays are drastically different from traditional access points, which are chained to distant closet controllers. The Wi-Fi Arrays put the power and intelligence at the edge of the network where it belongs.”

“We now have high performance Wi-Fi connectivity across 10 auditoriums along with our 5- and 9-floor student dormitories,” added Dmitry Mesherakov, Head of IT Department at TSU. “Anyone needing to support more than a handful of users must evaluate the Wi-Fi Array by Xirrus as they are drastically superior than traditional access points—more bandwidth, more capacity, and more coverage with fewer devices, switch ports, and cables.”

“TSU, like many leading-universities, have realized that traditional Wi-Fi vendors did not plan for the success of Wi-Fi—traditional access points may be able to handle a handful of users, but they fall apart when dozens of users try to connect at the same time,” said Vladimir Urayev, Regional Director at Xirrus. “Delivering wired performance wirelessly is both possible and simple with our Wi-Fi Arrays. Try it for yourself.”

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One response to “Russian University Increases E-Learning with Xirrus Wi-Fi

  1. Anjelica Paz

    That’s intense. Xirrus keeps winning accounts and isn’t stopping. They seem to be working twice as hard in the recession

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