Dätwyler Cables puts out press release about Xirrus

Using the WLAN technology Xirrus, Dätwyler Cables has added high-quality and yet cost-efficient and energy-saving WiFi arrays to its Unilan portfolio. The WiFi arrays optionally integrate 4, 8, 12 or 16 ”self-adjusting“ access points (according to IEEE 802.11abg+n), have high-amplifying directional sector antennas, a Gigabit Ethernet switch, the WiFi controller, a threat sensor and a Stateful Inspection Firewall all in one housing. The WiFi arrays provide ranges from 7000 to 11600 square meters, a high coverage (up to 1024 users per device), data throughputs of up to 864 Mbit/s and bandwidths of 2 gigabits each. With this high specification, they are particularly appropriate for professional use in the office environment, in conference centers and educational institutions, in production and logistics, hotels and hospitals as well as in airports. In order to guarantee a safe data transfer and energy supply of the device, Dätwyler Cables recommends the installation of a shielded twisted pair data cable with a high conductor cross section, for example the AWG 23 data cable Uninet 7150 4P, to feed it. 

Dätwyler Cables offers a series of different housing and installation solutions to ensure full integration into the corresponding infrastructure and ensure the business-critical safety requirements are upheld. 

The Xirrus Management System (XMS) allows the network managers to guarantee a central configuration, setup and management of safety features (IDS/IPS), a central performance monitoring of all WiFi channels and central reporting for several hundred  WiFi arrays via the installed layer 3-network.

There are special PoGE injectors available for the power supply to the devices, via the structured Gigabit Ethernet cabling. The central remote power system allows easy and cost-efficient power supply. Optionally it is also possible to supply the WiFi arrays via the integrated power supply unit. The power consumption under full load amounts to 26 to 100 watts – depending on the device. 

To go directly to this press release, please click here.

For more information on Xirrus, please visit www.xirrus.com



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One response to “Dätwyler Cables puts out press release about Xirrus

  1. Shinto Shu

    It must be an accomplishment for another company to put out a PR for another company. Must be the sign of success.

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