Free Site Surveys VS. Predictive Site Surveys

There are many components that differ Xirrus from any other Wi-Fi provider out there, but perhaps my favorite one are the free site surveys. At tradeshows, prospects always ask us how much it cost to send our employees into their facility to give a site survey. I always reply “it is absolutely free!”

Now, before I started working for Xirrus, I never knew people charged for site surveys or for trials. It never crossed my mind that people would have to pay to see how many Access Points would be required to Wi-Fi power up the entire facility. From a consumer standpoint, paying for site surveys can be compared to paying for a test drive of a vehicle. Would you pay just to test drive a vehicle? Not at all!

The free site surveys that Xirrus offers really benefits the consumer. Not only do we go into the facility and tell you how many Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays are required, we will guarantee it. Xirrus employees will perform a real-world site survey with the actual product, provide heat maps of coverage and performance, and rogue AP security sweep.

Predictive site surveys aren’t accurate measures. What companies do is that they get a blue print of your facility and try to determine how many access points are needed, but they don’t factor in what kind of material the walls are made out of, etc. Also as stated, they are just predictions. In turn, they may quote you on a price from a predictive site survey, but you may actually pay more in the end. On top of that, for them to come in and give you an actual site survey will cost thousands of dollars.

So the obvious choice when planning on rolling out a Wi-Fi network is to contact Xirrus. I do recommend contacting other vendors as well, just to compare prices and services.


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