Washington County Public Schools Delivers High Performance Wi-Fi

Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays Used to Deliver Online Learning and State Testing Wirelessly

Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most wireless coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry announced today the deployment of their high performance Wi-Fi Arrays across Washington County Public Schools (WCPS), located in Hagerstown Maryland which is in the Western part of Maryland, as part of the Tri-State area including nearby Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Besides being the most powerful and robust Wi-Fi solution available today, the Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays was also the Wi-Fi solution able to deliver the necessary bandwidth, user capacity along, and seamless interoperability with their Novell solution and VOIP phone system.

“Our school district has 2,500 employees servicing over 20,000 K-12 students across 46 campuses – selecting the right Wi-Fi solution was critical to our future online learning, not to mention the ability to better utilize our existing facilities and resources,” said Dave Mundey Manager of Technology & Telecommunication Services at WCPS. “Besides providing ample bandwidth and user capacity, we have a unique Novell implementation that no Wi-Fi vendor could get working wirelessly – we tested quite a few Wi-Fi access points, but the only one that worked seamlessly with Novell was Xirrus. Because each Array is able to do authentication, this allows a Novell user to login directly from the client, which means end users do not know they are on a wireless network as it acts just like a wired network.”

“It is important, when deploying a Wi-Fi network, that the network connection is simple and transparent for the end users as they have limited time in the classrooms to deal with technology. The Wi-Fi Arrays were installed without fuss and have proven to deliver the same user experience wirelessly, opening the door to online learning and collaboration for our students and staff,” added Dave.

“The other week we performed our first State of Maryland mandatory testing online,” said Arnold E. Hammann, Director of Information Management & Instructional Technology at WCPS. “We used the Xirrus wireless solution with laptop carts across the entire district – all went extremely well. A single Wi-Fi Array could support an entire cart of computers doing online testing – and no one could tell the difference between hardwired and wireless laptops. There were many naysayers before the tests saying that it could not be done, but thanks to the Xirrus Arrays we proved that the online testing is possible and far better than wired testing due to the mobility a Wi-Fi deployment affords.”

“Like many other schools have realized Wi-Fi can and will replace wired switching to the desktop, making networks more flexible and cost efficient,” said Paul Kersse, Area Vice President at Xirrus. “The days of overcrowded computer labs have ended—students are able to access valuable educational applications and databases from wherever they work—freeing valuable resources and opening more possibilities for schools. And unlike other Wi-Fi vendors, we are committed to delivering the best possible products and services to help our customers succeed – through ISO to CWNA certification, you can rest assured you’ll be working with and learning from experts in the field of quality management and networking.”

Xirrus Press Contact
John Merrill
E-mail: john.merrill@xirrus.com
Phone: +1.805.262.1644


About Xirrus
Xirrus, the only Wi-Fi “Power-Play”, manufacturers the Wi-Fi Array® architecture that displaces both overlay Wi-Fi offerings and switched Ethernet to the desktop. The Wi-Fi Array integrates 4, 8, 12, 16, or 24 802.11abg+n radios coupled to a high-gain directional antenna system into a single device along with an onboard multi-gigabit switch, Wi-Fi controller, firewall, dedicated Wi-Fi threat sensor, and an embedded spectrum analyzer. The Wi-Fi Array provides more than enough bandwidth, security, and control to replace switched Ethernet to the desktop as the primary network connection. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, throughput, and user density on a per device and per system basis than anything else available on the market today – resulting in a solution that uses 75% fewer devices, cabling, switch ports, power, space, and installation time compared with any other offering.

Xirrus is a privately-held company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. For more information, please visit www.xirrus.com.

Xirrus – Switching: Without Wires™

Xirrus – High Performance Wi-Fi™

Xirrus – The Air is the Network™

Xirrus – Wi-Fi Array®



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2 responses to “Washington County Public Schools Delivers High Performance Wi-Fi

  1. It’s nice to know that public school has a high performance Wi-Fi,I think its a previlage for the students.

  2. I too agree that it’s beneficial for schools to have high performance Wi-Fi. High performance helps improve E-learning and I believe makes things easier for students and teachers.

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