First Official Site Survey

So yesterday was my first official site survey that I partook in. Let me just tell you that I have a newfound appreciation for the Applications Engineers, Technologists, and Priniciple Technologists of Xirrus.

My day started off early where I had to wake up 6 in the morning and be on the road by 6:30 to avoid the horrendous LA traffic. I got to my destination around 8-8:30. I met up with my coworker and our day of site surveying began.

I normally don’t do site surveys, but this time was different. Most of our employees that do the usual site surveys were out of town on a major project. Applications Engineer Sam Keys was left by himself to lug around an Array, Tripod, carrying case, backpack, carrying backpack, and a notebook. Therefore I was asked to give him a helping hand carrying the Array and Tripod around. After carrying the Array and Tripod around for a few hours, with breaks in between, it felt like a pile of bricks resting on my shoulders and pushing me down.

In the span of 8 hours, we successfully surveyed about 5 buildings. Each building had multiple stories, so we had to survey every level of the building, sometimes even twice to check the bleed through.

The two representatives of the IT dept. were kind enough to walk us around during out site survey and unlock any doors for us. Sam literally surveyed every corner, every room, every level of each building we had to go into.

Being a part of the marketing dept. over at Xirrus, I’m never really exposed to this kind of work. I am glad that I was able to take part in yesterday’s site survey because I really do have a bigger appreciation for what AE’s and PT’s do for the company. Not only do they have to know a whole lot about Xirrus and Wi-Fi, they have to be fit and in good to great shape because this is labor intensive as well, if done alone.

You also have to deal with the strangers when they ask, “what is that? A flying saucer!?” Really, as if I have never heard of that one before. But we still acknowledge the question with an answer, and they random person is astound with what we are going to do, or they could just be acting like they’re interested in what we’re talking about.

Overall, it was definitely a great learning experience. I even took some technology lessons from Sam yesterday as he was site surveying.

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