First, my apologies for the lack of updates. I’m transitioning into a new role into the company so I’ve been trying my best to get comfortable with this new position.

Let me explain what is going on in my end.

I am transitioning from marketing communications to support. The support side is more of a technical support where I would have to get certifications and learn more about the product. I’m currently studying for my CWNA and this is pretty tough, but I do like the challenge. Throwing someone who isn’t exactly the most tech savy person into a technical based job is a supreme challenge, but it excites me. I’m working hard towards my CWNA and trying me best to set a record of how long it will take me to attain my certification.

This transition will possibly allow me to become an Applications Engineer, as long as I perform well. It may even allow me to get back into marketing, but more on the product marketing aspect.

Second, my blog will go in a new direction. Since I’m transitioning into something new, I thought it would be more suiting if I blog about my journey into this new transition, along with the things I’m currently blogging as of now.

So bare with me people! Thanks for understanding.


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