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Seo Elite Reviews Xirrus

Here’s what SEO said about Xirrus:

Xirrus Wi-Fi Array consists of a Wi-Fi controller, access points, sector antenna system, and Wi-Fi threat sensor.

Xirrus, Inc is a Wi-Fi technology company based in Thousand Oaks, California, USA, that designs and sells wireless networking equipment based on the IEEE standards 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. The company has been independently selling these products since 2005. Xirrus currently manufactures multiple radio Wi-Fi Arrays that combine a WLAN switch and APs into a single device . Each Array unit bundles the controller with 4, 8, 12, 16 or 24 access points, and a special sectored directional antenna, into a single package

In 2009 Xirrus deployed 802.11a/b/g+n Wi-Fi Arrays at the Geneva Palexpo conference center, which houses the International Geneva Motor Show. Xirrus has also provided the wireless network coverage for trade shows such as the Interop trade conferences in 2006 , 2007, and 2009. For Interop 2007, Xirrus installed 12 wireless arrays which could support up to 4,000 concurrent users.



Xirrus was founded in 2004 by Dirk Gates, Patrick Parker, and Steve DeGennaro. Gates founded Xircom in 1988 and sold the company to Intel for US $748 million in March 2001. In 2003, Gates established Xirrus together with Patrick Parker, then ex-Chief Executive Officer of Nomadix and Steve DeGennaro, then ex-Vice President of Finance of Calix. Xirrus board members include Steve Krausz, General Partner at U.S. Venture Partners; David Marquardt, co-founder of venture capital firm August Capital and founding board member of Microsoft; Eric Young, co-founder of Canaan Partners; and Bill Schroeder, former CEO of Diamond Multimedia and president of Conner Peripherals.

The company began marketing the Wi-Fi Array products in early 2005. In 2007 Xirrus announced a research collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University to beta-test a software update that, along with new radio modules, adds support for 802.11n . The cryptographic module in Xirrus’s 802.11a/b/g-compliant “Wi-Fi Arrays” received Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation in 2008. Also in 2008 Xirrus presented a new access point module that meets 802.11n standards. This new module provides up to 300Mbit/s data rate per radio, and there are up to 24 radios for each access point .

You can check the article here.


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Ditch The Switch

Here’s a video from Interop 2008 that I found via youtube. I wish I was there to drive around the bobcat!

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GameTech Solves Wireless Gaming

Gametech Deploys Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays to Support 1,700 Seat Gaming Hall


Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most wireless coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry announced today the deployment of their Wi-Fi Arrays to support GameTech International’s Traveler Club in the newly renovated Wandsworth Theater located in the United Kingdom. GameTech choose Xirrus to support their state-of-the-art electronic Bingo platform because only the Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays could the Wi-Fi-enabled Travelers in the 1,700 seat gaming hall.

“Bingo has become extremely popular around the world,” said Marc Fresia, Project Manager at Gametech International. “To meet this demand, we’ve taken our gaming applications to a whole new level with wireless bingo-daubing units called Travelers, allowing players to buy and load bingo packs through our wireless POS system as well as play Cash Line Bingo—speed bingo where customers redeem credit on the Traveler for more cards.”

“The success of our wireless bingo platform rests on the strength of our accompanying Wi-Fi network,” continued Marc. “As an example, we converted the 100,000 square foot Wandsworth Theater, located in the UK, into a 1,700 seat gaming hall currently supporting 200 wireless gaming devices for session-based bingo. The building was a challenge to cover with Wi-Fi because of the solid walls, strange nooks and crannies, and the 50-foot ceilings. We researched several Wi-Fi vendors, most being controller-based, but could not find a system that could handle the user density or give us the wireless availability we required. Our Wi-Fi network is the primary network connection for our high-end players, so having a device hang or loose a connection was not an option.”

“We chose to go with Xirrus after much testing because of their superior hardware and excellent support,” added Marc. “No other Wi-Fi vendor comes close to providing the user capacity and coverage that Xirrus provides. These guys worked with us to ensure our needs were met. It’s rare when you find a company with exceptional products and services—Xirrus is the real deal.”

“We were amazed to see what Gametech was doing with Bingo,” said Jon Freeman, Area Vice President at Xirrus. “Several years ago, we envisioned Wi-Fi being the primary network connection for all sorts of applications and devices. This is why we developed the Wi-FI Array, which integrates the innovations from Cellular and Switched Ethernet into a simple Wi-Fi device supporting hundreds of voice, video, and data users—all at the same time.”

Xirrus Press Contact
John Merrill
E-mail: john.merrill@xirrus.com
Phone: +1.805.262.1644


About Xirrus
Xirrus, the only Wi-Fi “Power-Play”, manufacturers the Wi-Fi Array® architecture that displaces both overlay Wi-Fi offerings and switched Ethernet to the desktop. The Wi-Fi Array integrates 4, 8, 12, 16, or 24 802.11abg+n radios coupled to a high-gain directional antenna system into a single device along with an onboard multi-gigabit switch, Wi-Fi controller, firewall, dedicated Wi-Fi threat sensor, and an embedded spectrum analyzer. The Wi-Fi Array provides more than enough bandwidth, security, and control to replace switched Ethernet to the desktop as the primary network connection. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, throughput, and user density on a per device and per system basis than anything else available on the market today – resulting in a solution that uses 75% fewer devices, cabling, switch ports, power, space, and installation time compared with any other offering.

Xirrus is a privately-held company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. For more information, please visit www.xirrus.com.

Xirrus – Switching: Without Wires™

Xirrus – High Performance Wi-Fi™

Xirrus – The Air is the Network™

Xirrus – Wi-Fi Array®

For this press release and others, please proceed here.

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Do It Like Xirrus They Say

I came across this article this morning from my Google Alerts about Xirrus:

“First posted on TheTechStop.net

We’ve all heard the “N-Dance” in the world of wireless. We’ve patiently waited through “Draft-N” and “Pre-N”, “Kinda-N” and “Our-best-guess-as-to-what-it-will-finally-be-N.” To us who have been deploying the best in wireless gear for the last few years, the elusive 802.11n standard has been long in promise, but short in delivery: an almost comical delay of a much needed technology that has spawned a family of non-standard standards.

Well now that “N” has officially “almost arrived” (and I can’t believe I was actually able to write that without breaking out into laughter) with a scheduled ratification date of “sometime in January 2010″ we’re starting to see the big players in Enterprise wireless commit serious engineering resources into making their gear ready for the switch.

To be sure, the allure of “N” over previous 802.11 standards is great: an increase in the maximum theoretical data rate from 54 to 600 Mbps, the more efficient use of MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out), 40 MHz channel bonding, the ability to use both the 2.4GHz and much-less-crowded 5GHz spectrums, and Spatial Division Multiplexing. — All of this is an uberGeek way of saying, “damn that’s fast!”

But wait… while the 802.11n standard is exciting for those who are looking forward to gobs of wireless bandwidth, the experience wireless deployment team knows from first-hand experience that a faster wireless technology just isn’t enough. While 802.11n may reach stratospheric levels of speed in the lab, it quickly falls to earth once it’s forced to work in the real world. Existing wireless gear, the odd telecom device, portable phones and even microwaves will flood the available wireless spectrum and quickly make a mess of the most carefully planned wireless networks.

In the past the solution has been to add access points, increase transmit power, or to simply write off wireless as a “best effort” technology — unsuitable for mission-critical applications and unreliable in a crowd. In fact, there is really only one way to increase the usability of wireless gear: to use the limited spectrum more efficiently.

In other words… do it like Xirrus.

Xirrus first became a partner in the Interop eNet in 2005 at our first show at the Javit’s Center in New York. Their “flying saucer” devices combined 4, 8, or 16 radios into a single package powered by a intelligent controller… Already a cool thing, but that’s not what made the Xirrus WiFi Arrays special. For that, you had to look inside the array.

I had the line of Xirrus arrays in my lab for an in-depth review a few months back. A quick peek under the hood showed that Xirrus had taken the 360 degrees around each array and divided it into separate slices. Using a unique series of antennas and reflectors, the Xirrus array could reduce the amount of power needed to “speak” with each client while simultaneously increasing throughput and (with the intelligence of their controller) the reliability of the connection. The end result is that the wireless spectrum is saved from bombardment by RF energy at the same time that the end user has a much improved wireless experience.

After seeing for myself how Xirrus boosts the performance of 802.11a/b/g, it’s no surprise that I’m excited to see what Xirrus can do for 802.11n. Since their products were already unique in their efficient use of spectrum, the Xirrus arrays should be much better suited to reach the THEORETICAL max speeds of “N” in the very REAL world in which we live.

Interop will give Xirrus the “perfect storm” of wireless interference to contend with. The hodgepodge of wireless gear on the show floor and the “RF Bloom” that is Las Vegas should push our intrepid Xirrus eNet team members to the edge of their expertise… maybe even over the edge. However, if our past experience with Xirrus is any measure, their gear should finally show us that N has reached the enterprise.”

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Xirrus at HIMSS

One of the Xirrus employees just sent me a few pictures from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) tradeshow.  The tradeshow goes on until the 8th. Be sure to check our booth out!


The booth! You can even see the Array on the Tripod. You should be able to spot it.

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Xirrus Events Week of 4/6

CASBO – (4/07/09-4/08/09)

The conference, to be held April 7-8, 2009, at the San Diego Convention Center is a must-attend event for members in each and every school business discipline. By attending the conference, members can take advantage of the outstanding seminars and sessions offered exclusively at this special event. Attendees will receive timely, informative training from the best in the business.

Venue: San Diego Convention Center

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Xirrus Events Week of 3/30

Network World’s IT Roadmap Chicago – Booth #228 (4/02/09)

This unique, all-in-one, single-day event is designed by IT pros for IT pros who want to cover multiple industry topics in one day. Xirrus will be showcasing the High Performance Wi-Fi Array.

Venue: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago, IL

HIMSS – Booth #3153 (4/04/09-4/08/09)

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is the healthcare industry’s membership organization exclusively focused on providing global leadership for the optimal use of healthcare information technology (IT) and management systems for the betterment of healthcare.  HIMSS will hold its Annual Conference on April 4-8th in Chicago.

Venue: McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

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