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First Installation For Xirrus Completed

Today is my first day back to corporate from a 3 day installation. This was the very first installation I’ve taken part of and I can only say it was an experience. It definitely gave me more insight on the life of an Applications Engineer, well more of a Field Applications Engineer.

We installed about 58 Arrays in an 8-9 school building school district. We completed the job in the span of 2 days. The first day was spent waiting on the shipment from corporate, but that didn’t come till late that evening. The two days after that were just vigirous and constant installations.

My hat goes of to the Applications Engineers at Xirrus. I had no idea how labor intensive the job may get and how much travelling is involved. I was breaking a sweat a majority of the time and I was a super newb. From drilling holes for mounting brackets to clipping on T-Bar Clips to the ceiling, this was all new to me. Fortunately the schools werent high enough that we would need the huge ladders, I’m deathly afraid of heights (but I’ll still get the job done).

Thank you to my fellow coworkers: Sam, Micah, Bobby, and Douglas, for being so patient with me and training me.


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