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Colorado State University Goes “N”

CSU Solves User Density and Bandwidth Issues by Deploying Xirrus® 802.11n Wi-Fi Arrays™

Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most wireless coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry announced today the deployment of their 802.11abg+n Wi-Fi Arrays at Colorado State University (CSU), located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Colorado State is a public institution of higher education and one of the nation’s top research universities, offering 150 programs of study in eight colleges. The Wi-Fi Arrays are being deployed at the newly constructed Computer Science Building, Morgan Library, Andrew G. Clark Building, Academic Learning Center and plans for the future Academic Instruction Building giving more than 25,000 students and 1,400 faculty members higher performance Wi-Fi.

“We have had a Wi-Fi network with hundreds of APs for some time, but some of these traditional APs were being saturated as more and more students brought in Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, PDAs, and phones,” said Greg Redder, interim Director of Networking at CSU. “Throwing more and more APs at the problem in some of these facilities was ineffective and costly, so we looked around for an alternative wireless solution—something that could support dozens to hundreds of concurrent users and supply enough bandwidth to meet current and future needs.”

“We invited Xirrus to demonstrate their claims of having ‘the most powerful Wi-Fi solution’ on the market”, added Redder. “To see what these Wi-Fi Arrays could do, we had Xirrus bring one Array on a portable tripod to support an Obama campaign rally on The Oval, a large open park where thousands participated. The Wi-Fi Array supported over 200 concurrent users without blinking an eye. This scenario fit well with some of our larger and more concentrated locations on campus. Thus, we are rolling Xirrus 802.11n Arrays across several high capacity buildings, including the newest building on our campus – the Computer Science Building, a 4-story, 45,000 square foot facility, comprised of classrooms, lecture halls, three student labs, faculty offices and large meeting areas.”

Curtis Reid, Regional Manager at Xirrus, said, “Our 802.11n Wi-Fi Arrays deliver more with less—more coverage, bandwidth, and user density with far less devices, cables, and switch ports. Organizations need to stop deploying yesterday’s inadequate AP’s and begin deploying Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays—only Xirrus can replace switching to the desktop with wireless and give you the investment protection for years to come.”

To view this press release and others, please click here.


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Wangaratta Deploys 802.11n to Enhance Student Connectivity

Wangaratta High School Chooses Xirrus® 802.11n Wi-Fi Arrays™ for Its New Environmentally-Friendly Campus


Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most wireless coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry announced today the deployment of their 802.11abg+n Wi-Fi Arrays across Wangaratta’s new high school, located in Wangaratta, Victoria Australia. Wangaratta High School chose to replace their existing Wi-Fi network for their new environmentally-friendly facilities because Xirrus required far fewer products, cables, switch ports, and energy while delivering 8X more Wi-Fi bandwidth to support a large assortment of wireless devices and applications.

Established in 1909, Wangaratta High School is on the forefront of high schools using technology to better meet the learning needs and interests of its students. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Wangaratta High School is undergoing a major renovation, with an entirely new school being built to revolutionize the way education takes place—open spaces to foster student autonomy, wireless networking to increase learning collaboration, and environmentally-friendly facilities to be more resource and earth conscious.

“The state government decided to rebuild Wangaratta High School for the 1,300 plus students who attend, so we are working hard to complete the project for the schools 100th anniversary this year,” said John Patrick, IT Technician at Wangaratta High School. “We have designed the new facilities to allow for better student participation and information access by utilizing open classrooms and wireless networking. Thanks to the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array, we are able to deploy a Wi-Fi network to support our large student population with the fewest number devices and least amount of energy possible.”

“I’m extremely impressed with the design of these 802.11n Arrays—A single Wi-Fi Array easily supports 250 users running internet, email, and server-based applications on an assortment of Windows® laptops, Apple® MacBooks®, and PDA’s,” added John. “Because the Wi-Fi Arrays integrate the access points and controllers into a single modular device, there is no separate controller that needs to be installed, making adds, moves, and changes a breeze.”

“Schools like Wangaratta are tired of the expense, resource drain, and surprise added costs associated with traditional wireless access point vendors,” said James Shields, Regional Manager at Xirrus. “We do things differently at Xirrus—we work side-by-side with our customers to formulate a plan, we do not charge for our services, and we back everything up with a signal strength guarantee and 5-year warranty on our hardware—no one else does that!”

To view this press release and others, please click here.

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Poudre School District Selects Xirrus to Cover All 50 Schools

School District Saves Money, Time, and Energy by Selecting Xirrus for Wi-Fi Network


Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most wireless coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry announced today the deployment of their Wi-Fi Arrays across Poudre School District (PSD) in Fort Collins, Colorado servicing over 27,000 students, faculty, staff across 50 schools including 32 elementary schools, 10 junior high schools, and 6 high schools. The district-wide deployment is part of an overall learning initiative to use cost-effective, energy-saving technologies that will improve the collaboration and learning between students and teachers—to support and inspire every child to think, to learn, to care, and to graduate prepared to be successful in a changing world—with notebook computers and adaptive Braille Sense devices for the blind.

“There were many reasons we chose to deploy Xirrus, over all the other Wi-Fi vendors” said Victor Rosengren, Telecommunications Manager at PSD. “First, our biggest requirement in selecting our Wi-Fi network was density support—finding a Wi-Fi solution that would scale as we grow over time from mobile laptop labs to a laptop for every student. Second, budgets are always tight, so we needed a solution that would not cost an arm and a leg to install and manage. Xirrus offered us the perfect solution for our needs. By integrating multiple radios and the wireless switch into a single device, we were able to deploy these Wi-Fi Arrays quickly and more cost-effectively without the need of adding large numbers of cable runs and switch ports.”

“Third, we are well known for our energy efficient building projects and our sustainability management process, in fact, we have the first school in the nation to receive the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for schools Gold rating,” added Victor. By selecting Xirrus, which uses less switch ports, PoE boxes, and access points, we were able to extend our energy savings to our wireless network.”

“Xirrus is refreshingly different from most companies we’ve worked with,” added Victor. “These guys are dedicated to our success. They demonstrated why their solution is superior, conducted a real-world site survey, installed the network, and trained us on the system – all for no additional fee. And the clincher, they gave us a signal strength guarantee ensuring that we’d have the coverage we were promised.”

“Leading school districts like Poudre realize that Wi-Fi does not need to be complicated or expensive to be successful,” said Curtis Reid, Regional Manager at Xirrus. “Wireless networks should take fewer devices and cable runs than wired networks, not more. It’s been great working with Poudre to deploy this state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network that will enable them to better utilize their valuable resources as they continue to provide more educational services to their students and teachers. Find out for yourself why Xirrus is the most powerful Wi-Fi solution on the market today.”

Click here to view this press release.

Please go to www.xirrus.com for more information on Xirrus.

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International School in Spain Delivers high-Speed Wi-Fi to Students

The Schiller International University in Madrid Selects Xirrus® Wi-Fi Arrays™ to Increase Student Learning


Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry, announces the deployment of their 802.11abg Wi-Fi Arrays at Schiller International University (an American University) in Madrid, Spain (Madrid campus). The Madrid campus, one of the European campuses of Schiller, choose Xirrus because their Wi-Fi Arrays proved to be the only Wi-Fi solution capable of delivering the coverage, user density, and bandwidth needed for student e-learning applications.

“We have students from over 40 countries coming to study International Business, International Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, General Studies, and more, said Vasil Hadzi Jordanov, Global IT Operation Director at Schiller International University, Madrid. “To better serve our students and professors, we sought to install a school-wide Wi-Fi network. We looked at several Wi-Fi vendors, searching for a solution that could provide a pervasive and reliable connection and was easy to install and manage.”

“We were amazed by the professionalism of the Xirrus team and the capabilities of their Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays,” added Vasil Hadzi. “Unlike other vendors who guess at the number of access points required, Xirrus came to our school, performed an actual site survey, and delivered a detailed plan. Our students now have full server and web access anywhere throughout our school, including the outside courtyards. The Xirrus Wi-Fi network provides a high-speed wireless network equal to our wired network—providing the bandwidth and throughout needed along with a simplified central management system—that traditional access points couldn’t come close to achieving.”

“By going with the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array solution, the Madrid campus was able to increase the learning of its students while saving time and money over cumbersome controller-based Wi-Fi designs,” said Vladimir Urayev, Regional Director for Xirrus. “Not only did we deliver a high performance network with more bandwidth and throughput than any other architecture, but we did it with far few devices, cable drops, and switch ports than the competition.

About Schiller International University, Madrid
Schiller International University (an American University) in Madrid, Spain is comprised of students from more than 40 countries making the campus community diverse and cosmopolitan. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, with options including International Business, International Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, General Studies and an MBA in International Business. The campus Madird offers a full range of facilities, including computer labs, study and lounge areas, a library, and a career counseling and placement office. For more information on Schiller International University in Madrid, please visit www.schiller.edu.

To go directly to the press release, proceed here.

For more information Xirrus, proceed here.


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Xirrus Celebrates Presidential Inagauration

Once again Xirrus has changed their Tool Bar banner to celebrate the special occasion going on right now!

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Brigham Young University-Hawaii Upgrades With Xirrus High-Performance Wi-Fi

After 50 years of educational excellence, BYU-Hawaii focuses on educating the minds, hearts and character of students, sharpening their integrity and desires to serve. The University strives to develop leadership skills in a harmonious multicultural environment, preparing students to embrace the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly global world. Because of the academic rigor, international diversity, and reputation among peer institutions, U.S. News and World Report’s annual “best colleges” survey has consistently ranked the campus in the top tier among “comprehensive” undergraduate institutions in the western U.S. Brigham Young University-Hawaii is a fully accredited four-year college with 2,400 students from more than 70 countries, making it the most culturally diverse campus in the world.


  • Pervasive and reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout housing facilities
  • Roaming capabilities to handle VoIP
  • Performance and bandwidth to accommodate large user groups simultaneously
  • Upgradeable to 802.11n
  • Easy installation and management from a central location


  • Pervasive and reliable Wi-Fi coverage with 75% fewer devices
  • Simplified management of Wi-Fi with single management console
  • Enabled fast roaming capability to handle VoIP phones
  • Completely upgradeable to 802.11n without forklift upgrade
  • Sufficient bandwidth and scalability to support students


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North Summit High School Deploys Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays

Really a great video to watch. It’s always great to see what people think the Array is!

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