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Humane Society Silicon Valley Uncaged Their Network

High Performance Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays Have Been Deployed Across Silicon Valley’s Environmentally Certified Green Animal Community Center


Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most wireless coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry announced today the deployment of their Wi-Fi Arrays across the Humane Society Silicon Valley’s (HSSVs) newly opened environmentally certified “Green” Animal Community Center located in Milpitas, California. HSSV chose Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays to cover the energy-efficient facility because the intelligent design of the Wi-Fi Arrays allowed for high performance Wi-Fi connectivity with the fewest amount of devices. The Wi-Fi network will allow on-site staff, veterinarians, and guests to track and update animal medical and training records from anywhere around the center, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the center.

“Our new 48,000 square foot Animal Community Center located on 4.8 acres will be the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Gold certified animal facility set by the Green Building Council in the country to combine an adoption program with a full spectrum of pet and community oriented services under one roof,” said Rick Nicholas, Director of IT at HSSV. “The $25 million revolutionary facility features an adoption galleria and boarding facility along with several other services including doggie daycare, and grooming, a dog park and training center, a veterinary hospital with a public viewing alcove, a pet store, an education center with programs for children, teens and families, and a community events room. There is nothing else like it in the country.”

“In order to track the tens of thousands of animals coming and going from our facility, we will utilize microchip and medical tags readable with wireless scanners,” added Nicholas. “Our entire park will have Wi-Fi coverage so our on-site staff and veterinarians can read and update animal records via notebook computers and mobile workstations. We have also included a Guest SSID and network for visitors so they can stay connected and remain productive while visiting our center.”

“We looked at several Wi-Fi vendors, but ultimately decided to install Xirrus’ solution for various reasons,” Nicholas said. “First, Xirrus responded immediately to our inquiry and conducted a free site survey of our entire animal center. Second, they were able to cover our entire indoor/outdoor center with minimal equipment, saving us money on equipment, cable pulls, electricity, and switch hardware. Third, the Xirrus solution was the only Wi-Fi vendor to meet our Green requirements because they required far less equipment and power. The Wi-Fi Arrays has allowed us to provide ample bandwidth for animal tracking to updating medical records to guest access. We now have a Wi-FI network that matches the enlightened design and capabilities of our new Animal Community Center.”

“Like many organizations, HSSV wanted to utilize Wi-Fi to make deploying and accessing their network easier, however, most of the Wi-Fi vendors out there fall short—requiring more equipment, power, and resources than is needed due to their poor product designs,” said Paul Bauer, Application Engineer at Xirrus. “Xirrus was the first on only Wi-Fi vendor to integrate 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24 radios along with the Wi-Fi controller and directional antenna system—enabling organizations to deploy more bandwidth with fewer devices. If you’re looking for a high performance Wi-Fi architecture, then you need to give us a call.”

About Humane Society Silicon Valley
Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) is an independent, non-profit agency offering quality adoptions, medical care and education programs to enhance the human-animal bond. Established in 1929, HSSV has served Silicon Valley for 80 years and found homes for more than 500,000 animals. HSSV is an “open door” shelter and accepts animals 24-hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of any temperament or health related problems. HSSV’s new Animal Community Center features an adoption galleria, affordable spay/neuter medical center, doggie daycare, a boarding and grooming center, education center with programs for children and teens, community dog park and training center, pet store and pet-friendly café, community center, and veterinary hospital with a public viewing alcove. Additional information about HSSV can be found at http://www.hssv.org.

Xirrus Press Contact
John Merrill
E-mail: john.merrill@xirrus.com
Phone: +1.805.262.1644


About Xirrus
Xirrus, the only Wi-Fi “Power-Play”, manufacturers the Wi-Fi Array® architecture that displaces both overlay Wi-Fi offerings and switched Ethernet to the desktop. The Wi-Fi Array integrates 4, 8, 12, 16, or 24 802.11abg+n radios coupled to a high-gain directional antenna system into a single device along with an onboard multi-gigabit switch, Wi-Fi controller, firewall, dedicated Wi-Fi threat sensor, and an embedded spectrum analyzer. The Wi-Fi Array provides more than enough bandwidth, security, and control to replace switched Ethernet to the desktop as the primary network connection. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, throughput, and user density on a per device and per system basis than anything else available on the market today – resulting in a solution that uses 75% fewer devices, cabling, switch ports, power, space, and installation time compared with any other offering.

Xirrus is a privately-held company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. For more information, please visit www.xirrus.com.

Xirrus – Switching: Without Wires™

Xirrus – High Performance Wi-Fi™

Xirrus – The Air is the Network™

Xirrus – Wi-Fi Array®

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