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Xirrus Vs. Meru

Meru has recently put out a press release about their deployment at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham England.

The installation consisted of 32 Meru AP150 Access points, operating as a Virtual Cell on a single channel, and managed by two MC0305 controllers. After evaluating Cisco’s prices and what they had to offer, the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital went with Meru with the assist of  Synaptic Solutions. ROH stated that Meru was able to offer their services at an affordable price, faster installation time, more offerings, and met the installation deadline, which was 5 weeks.

According to Alan Kidner, IT manager of the hospital, all you have to do is “un-box the access point, fix it to the wall, connect it to the LAN” and it updates and starts working on its own.

Now to compare, I recently put up a press release about Xirrus’ deployment at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

And I use a few quotes from the press releases:

“Xirrus very quickly convinced us that their solution was capable of fulfilling these requirements and more—delivering the user density, bandwidth, coverage, and reliability needed to support our physician and patient applications, and give us the ability to easily upgrade to 802.11n without undue disruption or drain on IT resources”

  • The structure of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array allows the customers to easily upgrade to 802.11n without draining resources. The AP150 Access points by Meru is strictly 802.11abg, meaning that you would have to buy a whole new product if you wanted to be 802.11n compatible.
  • Also when comparing installation, Xirrus employees actually install the Wi-Fi Array into locations that will allow the Arrays to be maximize to their fullest useage. Also Xirrus offers a FREE site survey before installation to guarantee customers of what they need for full coverage of the area. Alan Kidner stated that all he did was just open the box and fixed the access point into the wall by himself.

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust stated, “We are very impressed with the Xirrus Wi-Fi architecture, especially when compared to the traditional centralized architectures we looked at,” continued Murphy. “The Xirrus Wi-Fi solution will require 194 cable drops to cover the entire campus, while a centralized system from other vendors would have required well over 1,000 cable drops, yet still not have delivered the bandwidth, user density, RF management and shaping, or full switch-level control for our voice, video, and data traffic. By selecting Xirrus, we reduced overall costs due to 800 less cable runs, 800 less switch ports, and 800 less devices to install, manage, and upgrade to 802.11n.” By saving on installation time and equipment, they reduce their overall expenses.

Alan Kidner stated, “Since installation, the network has operated without any significant problems. As access points are manager centrally, any problems with them are easy to fix. If an access points fails, we just plug in a spare.” His statement makes me believe that problems did arise after installation. Small or large, a problem is a problem. Not to mention his attitude towards a failed access point is sort of non-challant.

Overall if you are looking for quality, satisfaction, good pricing, and a company that will make life easier for you, Xirrus is the way to go. From ease in upgrades to a reduction in costs and equipment, Xirrus is out there to do the job. During these rough economic times, anyone looking for Wi-Fi should evaluate Xirrus’s products and services to save their resources


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