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Free Site Surveys VS. Predictive Site Surveys

There are many components that differ Xirrus from any other Wi-Fi provider out there, but perhaps my favorite one are the free site surveys. At tradeshows, prospects always ask us how much it cost to send our employees into their facility to give a site survey. I always reply “it is absolutely free!”

Now, before I started working for Xirrus, I never knew people charged for site surveys or for trials. It never crossed my mind that people would have to pay to see how many Access Points would be required to Wi-Fi power up the entire facility. From a consumer standpoint, paying for site surveys can be compared to paying for a test drive of a vehicle. Would you pay just to test drive a vehicle? Not at all!

The free site surveys that Xirrus offers really benefits the consumer. Not only do we go into the facility and tell you how many Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays are required, we will guarantee it. Xirrus employees will perform a real-world site survey with the actual product, provide heat maps of coverage and performance, and rogue AP security sweep.

Predictive site surveys aren’t accurate measures. What companies do is that they get a blue print of your facility and try to determine how many access points are needed, but they don’t factor in what kind of material the walls are made out of, etc. Also as stated, they are just predictions. In turn, they may quote you on a price from a predictive site survey, but you may actually pay more in the end. On top of that, for them to come in and give you an actual site survey will cost thousands of dollars.

So the obvious choice when planning on rolling out a Wi-Fi network is to contact Xirrus. I do recommend contacting other vendors as well, just to compare prices and services.

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I apologize for only having one picture, but this is the best I can do for now. Pictured is Xirrus very own Autumn speaking about the Xirrus Array with a potential client.

Random note, the carpet looks nice!

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inTechnology Replaces Colubris Networks with Xirrus

Distributor, inTechnology, has brought on US-based Wi-Fi vendor, Xirrus, to strengthen its play in the education sector.

Xirrus replaces Colubris Networks, in the inTechnology line up after the WLAN vendor was acquired by HP in 2008.

“We have watched them for the last 18 months or so in the US and opened a dialogue with them maybe six months ago and started talking to them about how we can start developing the market down here,” inTechnology group sales and marketing director, Mark Winter, said. “We were very fortunate with the digital education revolution coming to fruition that a lot of the institutions are going to be deploying wireless to manage the laptops they are going to be buying. So Xirrus became a natural fit for us to look at bringing this on-board and really taking this technology to the market through our partners.”

inTechnology will carry the full range of Xirrus Wi-Fi products, including Wi-Fi Arrays, Management System, Defense Module, and Power over Gigabit Ethernet, and accessories.

The distributor will also be offering the Xirrus Arrays with Ekahau’s wireless site survey software along with Wi-Fi site survey training and education in each state in Q1, 2009, for partners. Additionally, partners will be able to access a free site survey offering.

“Channel partners and schools can both leverage that,” Winter said. “Once a site survey is done it is an imminent deployment. That is one of the things we see as being a really big benefit to partners.”

Winter added inTechnology is looking to recruit five dedicated channel partners in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane respectively, along with two or three in other states to strengthen its focus on the education, local and state government, and healthcare spaces.

To go directly to the source, visit: http://www.arnnet.com.au/article/272012/intechnology_brings_xirrus_down_under?rid=-218

For more information on Xirrus, visit: www.xirrus.com

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The Palace Hotel Deploys World Class Wi-Fi Network for Guests

“Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry, announced today that the prestigious Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California has deployed Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays covering their 23 meeting rooms – including 3 ballrooms, 4 boardrooms, and the famous Garden Court.

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays were deployed because they are capable of covering the large areas, support the extensive client population, and accommodate the high bandwidth applications used by the hotel’s elite clientele.

“The Palace Hotel is a unique luxury property offering exceptional services for our guests,” said Jonathan Wright, Director of Information Technology at the Palace Hotel. “Delivering a world-class Wi-Fi network across our 53,000 square foot meeting space is a critical component to those services, which is why we chose to deploy Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays. Xirrus planned for the success of Wi-Fi by building an easy-to-deploy high performance system that pushes the power and intelligence to the edge of the network, where it belongs.”

“As a result of the upgrade to Xirrus, we are able to provide all of our guests with reliable, high speed wireless connectivity for all their Wi-Fi enabled devices,” added Jonathan. “In addition to the increase in Wi-Fi performance, Xirrus also helped us realize an increase in network savings by deploying fewer devices, cable pulls, and switch ports. Anyone deploying Wi-Fi or having difficulty with their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure must take a serious look at Xirrus.”

“Traditional access points can handle infrequent Wi-Fi connections, which worked when hotels and conference centers only saw half the guests connecting via Wi-Fi,” said Jon Freeman, Area Vice President at Xirrus. “However, today we are seeing two Wi-Fi devices per guest thanks to Wi-Fi being installed into Apple® iPhone® and RIM® Blackberry® devices. Traditional access points cannot deliver the large amounts of bandwidth to service these guests, which is why so many organizations are turning to Xirrus. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array integrates up to 24-radios into a single device, allowing IT staff to deploy far more radios delivering far more bandwidth for far more users with far fewer devices.”

For the direct source, go to http://www.pr-inside.com/the-palace-hotel-deploys-world-class-wi-fi-r972220.htm

More information on Xirrus, please visit: www.xirrus.com

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International School in Europe Delivers 802.11n to Students

Xirrus, Inc., the Wi-Fi “Power-Play” that delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, and throughput in the industry, announces the deployment of 802.11abg+n Wi-Fi Arrays at the American School of Milan (ASM) in Milan, Italy. ASM is upgrading their legacy 802.11bg network to Xirrus 802.11n in order to provide greater capacity and bandwidth to their growing population of Wi-Fi users across their Milan Elementary and High Schools, including classrooms, science labs, library, cafeteria, and faculty offices.
ASM, founded in 1962 and currently one of the most advanced schools in Europe, hosts over 600 students from 35 different countries. The goal of ASM is to provide all of its students with an educational environment rich in technology, in which students are able to discover and develop their abilities to achieve personal results of absolute excellence.

“We take technology very seriously as it is a major part of our school – we have hundreds of Dell® and Apple® notebooks along with a growing number of iPods®, all connecting to online applications like virtual libraries and e-learning,” said Stephen Reiach, Director of Technology, ASM. “Our growing Wi-Fi population needed more wireless coverage and bandwidth, but we found the traditional access point vendors were limited in the amount of users and bandwidth they could support due to their radio design limitations – one to two radios per cable drop was expensive and time consuming.”

“Xirrus got it right – by combining the essential Wi-Fi components into a single device, we were able to quickly install a powerful Wi-Fi network that distributes the intelligence and security close to our users while giving us central control of the network,” added Stephen. “Before Xirrus, we had Wi-Fi hot spots – now we have nearly 20Gbps of Wi-Fi bandwidth spread throughout our school. What’s more, the Xirrus team in when called, performed a free site survey, installed the network, and guaranteed everything. We could not find another Wi-Fi solution that delivered the performance, user density, services, and cost savings that Xirrus delivered.”

“ASM wanted what many organizations want – pervasive Wi-Fi coverage with enough bandwidth to effectively replace the wired connection,” said Alberto Pellicani, Regional Manager at Xirrus. “Other Wi-Fi vendors claim their product can be an �all-wireless’ network, but fail to deliver on these claims due to their product limitations. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array is the only Wi-Fi architecture that can replace Ethernet to the desktop – it is the industries only wireless workgroup switch – try it for yourself.”

To go to the article directly, please visit http://green.tmcnet.com/news/2008/12/16/3858556.htm

To go Xirrus directly, please proceed to www.xirrus.com


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Xirrus at Network World IT Roadmap Washington D.C.

Xirrus’ upcoming event is Network World IT Roadmap Washington DC, which is on 12/16/2008.

This unique, all-in-one, single-day event is designed by IT pros for IT pros who want to cover multiple industry topics in one day. Xirrus will be showcasing the High Performance Wi-Fi Array.

Venue: Walter E. Washington Convention Center

For me information about future events, please visit http://www.xirrus.com/events/ or just http://www.xirrus.com


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Hospitals may want to upgrade their Wi-Fi

Article posted by Dana Blankehorn

One thing few know is that hospitals have, over the last decade, gotten more out of WiFi than even coffee shop owners.

WiFi ties communication to people, not desks. It links both voice and data. It has enormous bandwidth.

Or it seems to have enormous bandwidth until, as always happens, everyone starts loading that bandwidth with new applications.

But the available bandwidth can be greatly expanded just by changing out your access points. Maybe to something with 802.11n?

Xirrus has been pushing its 802.11n as a replacement for desktop Ethernet or as a high-performance alternative in new builds. (This Xirrus access point includes a switch. That’s why it looks like a Frisbee.)

But now it is also going into retrofitting, as in this Swedish school where it claims to have extended throughput by a factor of 14 times.

But as hospitals’ use of WiFi grows, pressure will also grow to expand wireless bandwidth. That’s good news for WiFi suppliers and all those who want more unlicensed spectrum.

You can go to the article directly at: http://healthcare.zdnet.com/?p=1567&tag=nl.e539

For more information about Xirrus, please go to http://www.xirrus.com


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Xirrus 802.11n Enhances Wi-Fi Performance at Washburn University

Washburn University is an 160-acre campus located in Topeka, Kansas. The university provides broadly-based liberal arts and professional education by combining the most effective modes of educating its 6,901 enrolled students. To improve the Wi-Fi Performance for their faculty, students, and staff, Washburn University set out to deploy a 802.11n network across the campus. Doing so, they chose to deploy Xirrus 802.11abg+n Wi-Fi Arrays.

After much research and testing multiple Wi-Fi architectures, Washburn University found that Xirrus was the only company capable of delivering the Wi-Fi Bandwidth and throughput to support the campus’ high density classrooms, lecture halls, and dorms. “The Xirrus 802.11n Arrays put the power and intelligence where it shoud be – at the edge of the network,” said Kevin Halgren, Assistant Director of Systems and Services at Washburn University.

The Xirrus Array allows the university to deploy more radios to cover more users than access points from other competitive companies. In the end, Washburn University got more for their money and spent less than what they would have if they deployed another company.

For the whole press release on the deployment at Washburn University and other deployments, click on the link below.


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Xirrus facebook

Xirrus now has their own network on facebook. Unfortunately, the network is only for Xirrus employees. Fear not, they do have a fan page that is accessible to anyone! Just click on the link below or if type “Xirrus” into the search region of facebook. Now if you dont have a facebook, I suggest on getting one. It will link you up to your current friends and your friends from the past!


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