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Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)

This past weekend I had the honor to be one of the representativies for Xirrus at the SCALE event. SCALE took place at the Westin LAX from 2/20/09-2/22/09 (granted the first day was only for exhibitors to set up). I was surprised with the turnout. Taking place on Saturday and Sunday, I thought people would rather do something else than to go to a technology event…boy was I wrong.

I arrived on Friday to set up the booth and to go over last minute changes or needs before Saturday. I was out of there by 3:30, but by that time it was rush hour. If you live in Los Angeles, near the LAX, then you know how bad it gets. Let’s not go into detail about that…

Here’s how the booth looked, courtesy of your’s truly and the rest of the Xirrus team at the show:

Saturday kicked off and was a great turn out! We definitely had people who researched our product and people who never heard of us. Of course the people that never heard of us said that the Array looked like a “pizza cooker, flying saucer, Roomba, and Star Trek spaceship.” I had some good laughs, but it was a pleasure to talk with potential customers and to educate people on our product. My highlight was getting all those free zebra toys for my nieces and nephews. If you like free stuff, definitely go to tradeshows!

Sunday was a tad slow. Well it was Sunday, what could we expect? We did get a few solid leads, but it was more of a day to chat with the other exhibitors.

Thanks to Ilan, Gareth, and the rest of the SCALE crew for making this event happen and allowing us to be the Wi-Fi provider.

One more picture for you guys!

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