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And It Goes On And On

This transition has been a bit overwhelming. Although I can handle change and challenges, this takes me out of my comfort zone a whole lot. The amount of technical terms and configuration that we do is truly never ending.

This past week was Applications Engineer Training at Corporate. The other times I participated in the training sessions were for Marketing purposes only. This time around, I had to pay close attention and try to grasp every concept. Trying to do this without an IT background is most difficult, but it is possible.

I’m enjoying every bit of it and I’m trying to sink into this new role, but there is a lot of learning that is involved. I only hope that my progression continues and that I’m capable of fully carrying on my new tasks in the company.


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A Lot Of Studying And Training

As I stated from last time, I’m currently in transition into a new role over at Xirrus. This is definitely a real challenge.

My first goal was to actually get my CWNA before July 4th, but I need to be more realistic. Although I finished the book over the weekend, there is a WHOLE lot of material that I need to master and know, so I’ll have to continuously review and study for the next few weeks. I will take my test once I feel comfortable.

Learning more about the product and being able to troubleshoot some things here and there has been fun. It makes the day go by a lot faster and I am learning a whole lot more.

This whole transition is tiring me out, but I hope to be a master at all this very soon!

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